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Sandha Woodworks Installers 

Sandha Woodworks Installers , the installation component of Sandha Woodworks' professionally installs the millwork and casework manufactured by SW.

Experienced Estimators

Sandha Woodworks will assist you in submitting bids on complex architectural millwork projects, plastic laminate casework or store fixtures for any market. We promptly and effectively detail the scope of work while working closely with you in finalizing comprehensive and competitive prices for presentation on bid day.

Engineering Department

SW’s engineering department is supported by a team of process and submittal engineers. Our production systems are supported by using the latest software and applications. Our labeling and bar code scanning systems ensure product quality and reliability.

Lean Manufacturing

Sandha Woodworks uses Lean Manufacturing practices to meet our continuous improvement goals.


SW Installers, our installation company, installs architectural millwork, casework and fixtures using highly skilled craftsman. We install using open, prevailing, and when the project requires, union craftsmen.

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